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I'll weigh in with an example - my current paper that I am writing.

I have OmniFocus full of the tasks I need to do:
Project: Results
- review notes for quotes on X
- review notes for quotes on Y
- Draft section on A
- Draft section on B
- Edit Results Section
- Email to colleagues for feedback
- Incorporate Feedback

In parallel, I have several OmniOutlines for the project that keep some of my working notes in order. I have:
- an outline of the paper, that I use as a table of contents, but also tracks word and page counts and who is the "owner" of what section
- an outline of quotes that has columns to track who said what quote
- an outline of issues to discuss and if they've been incorporated or not.

There is some overlap (i could do the last outline in OmniFocus, probably), but that is how am using the two today.

Of course OF also has all my OTHER stuff in there as well...


-- Morgan