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Actually, I spoke to soon regarding the BusyCal route.

Seems like a bag of hurt when syncing to iCal.

I am getting all sorts of errors when writing to and from the Shared Calendars.

I submitted a bug to the ninjas, so hopefully they'll let me know what I'm doing incorrectly.


Sorry for any confusion, i've been working with Things and OmniFocus on using this particular workflow with my team (I have encountered no weird read write issues with Things so far). I thought I had it working with OF, but it no longer seems to be working. Grrrr....
This is what I meant by this approach being fragile. It might appear to work but then fail without warning. Since Omni isn't focused on collaboration features, it's extremely unlikely that they will have tested iCal syncing with shared calendars, or even considered the detailed implications of that.

I don't mean to be discouraging. It's just that after working several years as a systems integrator, my fragility alarm is going off like crazy. I think you might be happier in the long run—and invest less time—by pursuing software built for the task at hand.