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I'm very frustrated with trying to draw lines as well. The lock to the same places, and pop to different locations when I try to modify some of the positions. Even moving the magnets is clumsy. Am I missing something?
It appears to me that you are indeed missing something. I find OG very precise and predictable, not at all clumsy (and many other drawing tools are). For "locking to the same places", those are magnets, on the edges of shapes, and other people may well want multiple lines locking into the same positions; but they can be easily changed if you want a different result.

Certainly, there is some automatic behaviour for lines, it will be helpful to you if you understand how OG works. Rather than "drawing" lines, think of it as:
connecting two shapes with a line
then use midpoints (double-click on the line) to place the line exactly where you want it

Alternately, if you really want to draw a line (ie. the un-connected article), just:
place a line anywhere on the canvas
then change the midpoints
then change the characteristics

Have a look at the tutorials, the manuals, and other posts:
One example

Feel free to post the exact problem you have, with an example attached.

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