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I have gotten an absolutely ridiculous amount of entertainment out of Carcassonne - it's an iPhone version of the boardgame by the same name. For the months of entertainment I've gotten by playing this with friends and coworkers, they should be asking way more than $5 for it.

On the Mac, I've recently become a big fan of 1Password - it helps you make your logins to various websites much more secure. It generates unique passwords for each site - ridiculously long strings of characters, in other words - and then remembers them for you; all you need to remember is the password you choose to unlock 1Password.

Logging into a site is a snap. 1Password adds toolbar buttons to Safari, Firefox, OmniWeb, etc. Choose "take me to this site" from that button, 1Password asks for that password, and then it takes you to the site, fills in the login form, and submits it. Data's synced through Dropbox, there are iPhone/iPad apps, and it looks like they're working on support for Windows and Android. I can't really say enough good stuff abut it.