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I have a related question (hope this is not too off topic).

I store attachments that relate to a project directly in OF with no problems.

But I am looking for a sort of reference database that would work well with OF for files, text snipits, URLS, etc., that don't belong to a project, but might.

Currently I use Together, which is OK. My ideal solution would be something that could accommodate 3 types of data. First, a dump bucket for things I just want to capture for future examination, or just to keep around. Second, a "document management" system that has some categorization and tagging abilities (Together works well for this). Finally, a database lite so I could keep some basic records, things like prescriptions to medications, subscriptions, articles I have written with periodical, issue #, etc. I use Bento for this know, but it is just a little TOO "lite" and attachments cannot be stored within it.

I would like to have something that is on or can sync to the web and iOS devices - but that would not be a deal breaker.

I have looked at Yojimbo, DevonThink and a few other solutions.

My question is, is it better to break these functions up into separate apps. And does anyone have any suggestions?