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I'm so glad to hear a 64 bit version is hopefully coming soon.

I'd been using Safari with all kinds of plugins like safaristand, pithhelmet, etc..... Just didn't like the look and feel and it wasn't particularly stable. Then switched to Chrome. Much to commend it, but didn't like the way it uses resources and it has a LOT of rendering problems for some reason. Won't properly work with either twitter or facebook, for some reason. So I'd also have to keep Camino up and running to take care of those pages Chrome couldn't handle properly.

Accidentally launched OmniWeb this morning and thought what the heck, let's see if it feels that much slower than Chrome. And honestly, it doesn't. It may benchmark slower, but it feels comparable. And it just is SUCH a better user experience.

just switched my default browser back to OW. Feels good to be home, hope I can stay awhile.