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I frequently use the New Inbox Item button to create a project and add an action to it. This is done by tapping the inbox icon in the bottom right, titling my action and typing a new name in the Project field. This all works fine and well, but how--using this same workflow--can I create that project in an already established folder? Or even create a new folder?

In OmniFocus for Mac, I know you can do this by simply typing out the folder structure in the Inbox. For example: to create a new project named "Offers" in the Work > Jobs folder, I can simply type "Work:Jobs:Offers" in the Project field. Now I have a new project titled "Offers" that lives exactly where I want it to, neat and tidy, no extra organizing required.

Is it possible to do this with the Quick Entry/Inbox on the iPhone? What is the syntax? What works on the Mac ("Work:Jobs:Offers") does not work on the iPhone. Frustrating and counterintuitive...any thoughts?
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