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The Resource Browser looks like a useful new addition, but I have to say I'm thoroughly confused about where OG is putting stuff. It would be nice if this was all documented (apologies if I missed it). I like to know what's where because I have at least 2 different systems to maintain and to be sure I have stuff I've made backed-up.

So, it looks like the Resource Browser copies anything added into the ~/App Support/Containers… folder? Do I need to dig this folder out to organize stencils? I couldn't get drag-and-drop to work in the Browser or see a way to add a folder with a different category, for example.

That means this buried folder is the one that must be backed-up if a new stencil is created or changed? Previously in OG 5, my various downloaded & created stencils were a mess, so I'm trying to avoid that here and figure out how this thing is supposed to work.

There are also several Omni-related folders in my ~/Library and I'm not sure why and what's current: ~/OmniGraffle, ~/Omni Group, ~/The Omni Group. Clarification please, Omni?