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I'm not sure if this is possible, but I'd like to be able to select all the top level rows displayed but not their children. The most common use case for this is if I just want to collapse the top level rows but leave the open/close state of all the sub-children in tact. I cannot figure out a way to do this without manually clicking one by one which is very tedious. If I just select all it causes all the children to be selected and collapsed too which I hate because there is usually reasoning why I have some sub-child rows open and closed.

Is there some way to quickly select a bunch of top level rows without their children? Something like a "Select all top level rows" (which combined with the Focus feature could be used at any level) or simply "Collapse all top level rows" since this is probably the primary use case for this feature. It doesn't make sense that it is so easy to expand only top level rows but very difficult to collapse only top level rows.