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Enrique. I think you need to set your language preference as Spanish in the Macs System Preferences and then in OmniWebs Preferences tick the book where it says for the site to be in your preferred language.
I think you (or me) have misunderstood. Thank you for your answer though.

All I want is that Omniweb menus, buttons, etc, to be in Spanish instead of English. I'm not talking about language of web content, but the app itself.

Of course I have set Spanish as the first preferred language in System Preferences... in fact, I have this order:

1. Spanish
2. English
3. Deutsch (German)

If I change and put Deutsch/German in second place, Omniweb loads in German. So I think the problem is that OW isn't localised in Spanish. That's a pain in the ass, really... I remembered a lot of time ago (OW 4.x) when Spanish was available...

Will Spanish be available again? I might help if I have time...

Thanks in advance,