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OF now rules my life but an upgrade to iphone firmware 2.2 has stopped my ability to sync. I'm on a MacBook pro and use webDav as a cloud sync database. Everything worked until i cleaned out my iphone and upgraded to 2.2 from 2.0, re synced with itunes and reloaded all my applications, including OF.

I can sync the mac to Swissdisk (50 mg free storage, great alternative to mobileme) as per before, but when iphone OF starts up I get the set up sync or make new database option. I can send the details from my Mac to the iphone, it shows my user name, chose that and the screen turns to a progress bar that says preparing to sync, then turns back to the set up 'sync with mac screen'. no sync.

I have re downloaded and re installed the iphone app, I have tried the manual option same result. I have checked that the mac is sync'ing with the webdav swissdisk, all good. I have run out of options and can't get back to my new found efficiency with GTD and OF on my mac AND iphone.

Desperately need help, thanks.