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I thought I'd provide a short recipe of how I got this working the other day using Twitterific, for anyone that's new to applescript. I like using Twitterific because it allows you to register a listener script that runs for every tweet in the timeline - it looks after the polling for you (like Proxi did, but no longer reliably).

1) Download Twitterific from here (it's a zip file):

2) Unzip the zip file. Install the Twitterific app by moving it (the file with the blue birdie icon) to your Applications folder in Finder.

3) There should be an applescript there too: ProcessTweet.scpt . Move that to the place where you keep your OmniFocus applescripts (or you could move somewhere else if you like - but modify the subsequent steps here accordingly). Mine is:


4) Open ProcessTweet.scpt (in its new location) in AppleScript Editor and modify the script. Find this code:

    set runSpeakingSample to true
    set runUnixShellSample to false
    set runChatSample to false
    set runMailSample to false
... and change them all to false (unless you want to play and experiment with the samples first). Immediately after this code in the script, add this:
    tell application "OmniFocus" to tell default document
        parse tasks with transport text (tweetText) without as single task
    end tell
... and save the script.

5) Open Terminal and run this command (the instructions for this are in the comments of the script - this only needs to be done once):

defaults write com.iconfactory.Twitterrific processTweetScriptPath "~/Library/Scripts/Applications/OmniFocus/ProcessTweet.scpt"
Then run Twitterific, configure it with your (private) twitter channel's userid and password, and set the preferences how you like (I have mine set so it stays out of my way and does not appear in my dock).


  • Per the other threads mentioned here, you need to create a separate, private twitter channel for your captures. Then you can use Vlingo, Dragon, Jott (for voice captures), or any other Twitter client to create tweets that will be added to your OmniFocus inbox when Twitterific processes them on your Mac.
  • Watch out for special characters, like dollar signs, etc. They have special meaning for the parse command and can cause your capture to fail. Someday I'd like to modify the script to convert them to full words so that the capture still works. Example - if you say "five dollars" in Vlingo (or Dragon, or both - can't remember), it comes through as "$5", and the script will fail and you won't see it in Omnifocus. (Hmm, perhaps a try/catch block could at least add a task to check your timeline for what went wrong...)