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I've just made the happy discovery that I can archive searchable PDFs of individual OmniFocus projects to Devonthink, with DT making an automatic link back to OF for future reference. I may be the last person around to discover this, but in case there's anyone else inerested, here's the procedure.

- You can do this for any OF project, but I'm guessing that it's best done when you've archived a project to the Archive database, because the URL is then unlikely to be changed;
- Focus on the project in question and expand all entries and notes that you want to be visible.
- Open the Print window
- Using the PDF button, click on "Save to Devonthink"

... and there you have it - a searchable PDF of your project in Devonthink, with the URL field set to take you straight back to the original OF project if you need to revisit it.

(An error window pops up during printing, but everything seems to work regardless. I've filed a report to Omni.)

This is a great feature for my usage - most of my tasks are phone calls and emails, so I can archive all that contact info in my DT Work database, along with all the other project reference files, for instant recall.

If I need to resurrect those old contacts for a future project, DT points me straight to the OF project archive. I can drag and drop the old project into my current OF file and re-use the information. Perfect integration!