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Most people will either say they don't like it, or that it doesn't bother them, but I doubt few would say "hey, I like the inconsistent, generic look of these icons "
I know how irksome the small things can be when you're using a piece of software; I do sympathize.

However, aside from this thread, we've gotten basically zero feedback about this part of the UI. In fact, the vast majority of the feedback is simply "the iPad app is great, please make the other apps more like it". Looking at the emails about suggested changes to the UI, these buttons aren't anywhere on that list.

It appears that, for the vast majority of customers, these buttons are working just fine for them as they are. When that's the case, spending time on something like this would be a disservice to them.

I know this bothers you individually, and I am really sorry about that; sometimes it can be painful to be an outlier. :-)