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I want a Perspective that will view the available tasks within a folder that is selected in the left pane, showing them in the right pane sorted by Due and FULLY EXPANDED automatically. The automatic expansion part is where I am having trouble.

I thought the purpose of the Restore Expansion checkbox would be to expand the right pane according to how it was (in this case fully expanded) when the Perspective is saved. So, I set up a "Projected" Perspective on one folder (Events) with the right pane fully expanded, then I saved the Perspective. Next, I toggled back to a generic Projects perspective, selected a different folder from the left pane (Family), and chose the Projected perspective. The view in the right pane was NOT fully expanded ???

So, do I have to resort to a keyboard, menu selection, or separate Applescript to expand (manually) the right pane after a selection, even though the Restore Expansion checkbox is checked? If so, I am apparently confused about the purpose of the Restore Expansion checkbox setting.