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Hello folks,

Every few months I pop my head up from using OmniFocus to consider *how* I'm using OmniFocus, and inevitably I find something that I'm not quite understanding but managed to live with for a while.

Today's installment is Stalled Contexts. I've done some searches here, and found some discussions, but nothing that gave me an explanation I can really understand.

The situation: What is the Stalled Context Filter, and why does it continue to show me actions in the list?

For example, I have a project "OF Test Project", with one action "OF Test Action", in my "Computer" context.

The Project is Active, the action is the Next Action and the Context is Active. There is no Start or Due date on either the Project or the Action.

The Action shows up as, well, actionable in the Computer context, yet *also* shows up when I switch my Context filter to Stalled.

Clearly I'm missing what the Stalled Context represents.

Can someone enlighten me?