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A stalled context is a context which has no available or pending actions. This can mean that the context has no uncompleted actions at all (not really a problem, but might be a candidate for removal if it has outlived its usefulness to you) or there are actions which cannot be worked because something else is blocking them, a situation which might merit investigation. For example, a steady build-up of actions in your context for a colleague might be a signal that it is time to visit that colleague. Note that a context with only actions with future start dates (pending) is not considered stalled, just as a project with a next action with a future start date is not considered stalled. However, a context with one action which is the second uncompleted action in a sequential project (not the next action, but the one following) would be considered stalled.

One especially confusing aspect of the stalled context display is the behavior with nested contexts. If you have a stalled context which is nested inside another context, actions in the parent context will be shown in the stalled context display even though neither the parent context nor the actions may be stalled! For this reason, I think it only makes sense to look at individual stalled contexts, and then only to look at the leaves of the tree.

Do you perhaps have a context nested beneath your Computer context? I believe that could explain the behavior you are seeing, if that nested context didn't have any available or pending actions.