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The Google apps are nice, but what really makes the MobileMe suite attractive over Google's offerings is its tight integration with the Mac desktop and iPhone environments. I also prefer the look-and-feel of Apple's design vision. The cost of MobileMe is also negligible (at least for me). The $100 per year price comes out to only about $0.28 per day.

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Safari is a major part of the OS, but Firefox 3.0 is faster and functions better than Safari, Camino, Opera, IE, etc.
I will grant you that Firefox has more plugin capabilities and that it's probably easier to extend, but Firefox faster than Safari? Is that claim based on your personal observations or do you have some actual evidence? Most of the tests I've seen show Safari/Webkit on top in performance, and that supports my personal observations as well.

But don't get me wrong, Firefox 3 is a great browser, and I do use it on occasion. But I still prefer Safari (or OmniWeb) as my primary browser.

But what do these choices (Google apps vs. MobileMe and Firefox vs. Safari) have to do with OmniFocus being available on Android? Couldn't the iPhone (and OmniFocus) integrate with Firefox and the Google apps without resorting to Android?

If the Omni Group thinks there's a viable market for an Android version of OmniFocus, and it doesn't significantly detract from their Mac and iPhone development, then I say go for it. It doesn't really concern me.

However, I have serious reservations over the whole Android platform that make me think that an "OmniFocus for Android" is unlikely. Gruber and herenot do a good job covering the salient points.