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I think I can help. I too had trouble grasping the concept of this tool.

I think what you're looking for happens after you do an HTML export.

The calendar view is only to set what the normal work day is like. Most offices are 9 to 5. My company's is 8:30 to 5 with an hour off for lunch. So, I adjust the beginning time to 8:30 and make sure that the lunch break is an hour. If you're only going to have one calendar per project I don't think it matters which time you choose -- I think I'd get the same results if I set it to 9:30 to 6. Not every project is Monday through Friday, etc.

There's also a way that you can set up individual calendars per resource for that project. Maybe support staff comes in at 9 and goes home at 4, but management is there before and after.

This help?