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I've been really making a lot of use of Omnifocus lately to get my TODO list in order. But...

I'm starting to feel really buried now in all the things I need to do. This is my psychology I guess. But what I really wish there was, was a way at the beginning of the day to take a browse of my list, pick out what to do as an action plan for the day. Preferably, I would be able to order it a bit. Optionally, I would be able to take that list, or the unfinished bits as a starting point for tomorrow's actions.

I don't know if there is some way of doing this already. I guess I could flag stuff, but the reality is, I sometimes flag stuff because I think it is important, then I ignore it anyway, and the flag ends up meaning nothing. I suppose I could unflag everything religiously, then flag at the beginning of the day, then unflag if it doesn't get done, but what I really feel like I want is something that in theory is fresh at the beginning of each day. Basically I want a TODO list within my more global TODO list.

Am I wrong to want this? Is there a way to do it?