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Suppose I want to make something like this...

with a left-to-right automatic hierarchical layout. That's already how this graph was rendered, but it's too unpredictable. I'll add some connection and suddenly one of the subgraphs is on top of the other, and so forth. What I want is for the subgraphs to predictably be in this column-style order. (The order of the contained items does not matter; the usual hierarchical layout works fine there.) Ideally, they would also all have the same height, and only change their widths, but that's not too important. (It would be sort of like a table of subgraphs. Do you suppose that would be possible as a new feature?) Anyway, I just wanted to see if anyone knew an existing reliable way to do this.

It's also a bit difficult to work with because there is apparently no way to add items to a subgraph or to move items between subgraphs. Or is there?