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Synchronizing with iCal can take a long time, because it has to compare every task in iCal's database with every action in OmniFocus and see which ones need to be updated. Sometimes iCal's database is completely unresponsive, hanging the application for a minute before giving up with an error. We didn't want that delay (or possible hang) to happen with every edit you make.

But Mixalis' question seemed to be based on the notion that syncing with iCal was necessary to sync between a handheld and the desktop, which is why it's important to note that iPhone and iPod syncing in OmniFocus are completely unrelated to iCal syncing.
Hi Ken!

I thought I might throw out some scenarios I've run into concerning ical integration and auto syncing.

I have been able to do the following:
Local OF <> Local ical; syncs both ways
OF <> MobileMe's idisk
MobileMe's idisk <> iphone App
iphone app <> MobileMe idisk <> Local OF, but not ical... until I manually sync... which means I have to be here to do it

Sounds great! Unfortunately, here is where I run into some issues:
Tasks added in MobileMe's calendar don't show up in my local OF or iphone app. I have employees and assistants who use MobileMe and enter in tasks. I won't be able to see these tasks on my iphone. I won't be able to get their tasks into OF until I am back in the office and can sync everything back up with ical.

A freelancer, who I don't want having access to my OF data, has access to specific ical calendars, which then get uploaded to MobileMe. Tasks added at the ical level won't make their way to me on the iphone, because there is no automatic sync, and no talking between MobileMe's calendar and MobileMe's idisk.

I can understand not using OF for a large organization/company, but I don't think it should be crazy to think about being able to use OF successfully between a couple of users in a few different states and platforms. I thought MobileMe and the OF phone app would solve this, so you can imagine my surprise (ok - actually dismay lol) when I finally figured out that only the idisk OF database syncs.

Have I missed a solution and am being terribly blonde?
Or have I run smack dab into a limitation?

Damsel in distress! Help! :)