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there are multiple workarounds for a today type perspective in omnifocus. lots of posts about how to filter this or that, due/start etc etc.

however, these workarounds all miss the main point of a "today" list, which is that the items aren't necessarily related to any specific thing or date (and therefore can't be filtered). what things on a today list have in common - the only thing - is that there is some intention to do it or in some way focus on it today.

this involves intuition, spontaneity, emotion, energy and other resource levels, etc. the decision to include an item is a human one as well as a binary one.

the today list is primarily about focusing just on specific selected items in a specific timeframe, and excluding all else. what goes on that list, as i have said, involves many more factors than can be assigned within omnifocus or any software.

using flags for today as many have suggested monopolises the feature and excludes it from other purposes, making the flag a de facto dedicated today feature.

there are pros and cons in having a today list on which items appear when due. however, having the feature doesn't mean that it has to be used - there can easily be options for not having due items appear in it, or one can simply ignore it.

there is no way round it - today is a valuable feature for real world focus enhancement. there are good reasons why so many things users like it, and i think it should be added to the omnifocus feature list.

(ninjas have received my vote for a today feature)
I'm really perplexed by some people's resistance to use "flags" in OF to duplicate Things' today" feature, especially when this can help you duplicate the feature you want in OF. So, hopefully folks can enlighten me on this.

If I recall (I stopped using Things a number of months ago), Things has a button to put an item into the today's bucket even though it's not due today. How is that different from "flagging?" Would you be happy if OG change the label to match what it's called in Things. So, instead of calling the button flag, OG can change the button to be labeled "Today." Then you can set up the perspectives to show things that are due or flagged (or today'ed). If you set the due soon to 24 hours, and set the default end time to 11:59 pm, then you will see all the items that are due today plus items you put "today" designations on it.

Yes, this perspective does show overdue items, but you can simply collapse everything but today, and the saved perspectives will maintain that setting. So, the only list that's expanded is today. So, all the items I see it in my view is identical to what Things would have shown in Today's view. As I said in my other thread that you cannot manually move items within the list, but I can sort them using different criteria, and for me that's more valuable. For me, I do want to see the overdue items in today's perspective since those items for me would have higher priority than anything that's due today since they were supposed to be accomplished before today. If some of those items are not as important as some items in today, then I should have reassigned so that they do not appear in today's view. I know this is cumbersome to reassign their start/due dates; so, that's why DA would recommend only putting hard due dates on the items (and if so, these are my priorities for today until I get these overdue items done).