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Yes, this is a current problem. I was on the build right before 104954 when this happened to me (I updated to the latest build thinking that it would fix the problem). No other version of Omnifocus was running. The hanging lock file is created when one initiates a machine shutdown without first closing Omnifocus. This problem existed for a while a couple of months ago, to the point that I had to remember to quit Omnifocus before shutting down, but lately I haven't had to do this. Until today when I could not open my task lists until I found this post...
How exactly are you "initiating a machine shutdown"? If you aren't just powering off the computer, or having it force-quit OmniFocus, the shutdown procedure should tell every application to quit, just as if you'd done the File->Quit command in each one. If you just hold down the power button until the machine shuts off, OmniFocus won't be told to quit and won't remove the lock file.