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Nanika atta Ninjas,

I have previously requested a feature I called Context Perspectives
which I also posted to the forum here:

With the changes to perspectives in 1.7 I would now like to
redefine that request.

Let me first say that the way perspectives now work rocks, it feels
more polished that before but there is still a small thing missing.

I would like to be able to switch focus really really fast.
The way I do it now is as follows:

- Click "Show All" (Focus)
- Click "Projects" (Perspective)
- Select the appropriate top level folder (I have my life
divided into folders)
- Click "Focus"
- Select the appropriate perspective again, this is usually
the same perspective as the one I had active before my
focus shifted.

What I would like to do instead is something like the following:

- Hit a hotkey that brings up a beazel with my predefined quick
focus areas.
- Select the appropriate focus area or no focus(Show all).

When changing focus the selected perspective should remain the
same. This will let me view all my due tasks for "Home" and with
just two keystrokes switch to my due tasks for "Work".

This feature request is for both the iPhone and the Mac version of

This feature request has also been sent via email to the Support Ninjas.

Best regards,
David Jack Wange Olrik