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We've had an idea about using OP in an unconventional way that would allow us to breath new life into an old sales order processing system.

We would like to use OP to manage a very large number of small 'projects'. Each project would be a representation of an order within a legacy sales order processing system and OP will be used to enhance our ability to schedule resources against each order.

Completely under software control I need to be able to create projects, resources, tasks etc. and periodically print schedules and, potentially, then use data from inside OP to update the existing ERP system. It is likely that OP would be running completely 'hands-free' on a dedicated machine whilst being totally driven via AppleScript.

We're happy that we can get our data in/out of the ERP system via AppleScript but having taken a quick look at the OP script library it is unclear to me how we could automate the creation of projects.

Another concern is that we will need to create something like 10,000 projects a year... Fortunately each project is tiny with less than 100 tasks and few resources... But we would essentially be using OP as an extension to an existing application and it would be running AppleScript 24x7 to load each project in succession, perform updates, export/print schedules etc.

Can someone with greater knowledge of OP's scripting support advise me on its suitability for this task? Any reason why OP could not handle 10,000 projects in a file system? Thanks!