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Hi, folks. Coming here with a software request because everyone here is pretty savvy and knowledgeable.

I'm writing a book with about 50 characters, probably 200 events, 4 story arcs, and a lot of other complex stuff.

I need some sort of timeline software that will show multiple timelines, maybe one for each character (or at the very least, story arc). It's got to have easy resizing of the timeline ability, just like OmniPlan.

Also ready need ability to input entities like events, characters, and arcs--all with a tags ability or relational database structure (and hopefully more, like location) types of entities.

I've already tried StoryMill (not a bad writing program, but timeline interface is crippled), Timeline 3D (multiple timeliness, but no drag and drop or relational database architecture), and Aeon Timeline (promising, and will eventually integrate with Scrivener, which I'm using, but it's still alpha). PersonalBrain is too centric and not good at seeing (and scrolling) entire linear structure.

Any recommendations? One person recommended Tinderbox, but I'm not sure if it will due duty for the timeline graphic aspects required.

Thanks for any suggestions!