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Hi! I just bought OmniFocus and love it, but I've been having trouble with the sync feature. I finally got the iPhone, iPad and MacBook syncing but suddenly, the MacBook no longer syncs. I went back to my original sync server e-mail, and clicked the setup again. To get the iPhone to sync I ultimately had to download the app again and re-install. I have un-synced changes on the MacBook so that's not an option. Anyone have any ideas? Also, what does the "Reset" button do on the sync preferences page? I can manually navigate to the server via browser so I know my connectivity is ok. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

Hello everyone. Interestingly, this morning after having my MacBook shut off for multiple hours, it synced. But then continued to fail to sync throughout the rest of the day. I had switched from my home network to my work network and after that, the sync feature isn't syncing again. I thought this info might help solve the puzzle. Thanks

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