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If I use just your style above, it actually appears to be working okay for me.
yeah man def aint working here for me. go back to that site and do a search for something eg pultec then click any link listed in the resulted search list, then back button command+left arrow to see if the color changes. This never works for me in OW yet it does in other browsers.

here is another one but this time no browser changes the link color click a product and return, no color change. I even try over riding page styles to force it to use my custom page colors. still cant force it to comply.

Seriously man OW is bugged out on many sites I visit with this issue that other browsers don't seem to be. Very often on the search results of forums.

my code again is

a:visited, a:visited:hover, a:link:active {
color: #9900CC !important;
and ive replaced color: #9900CC to purple still no joy.

any suggestions?