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Not wanting to create a rush to the door, and I will go on using OO and OG with pleasure for a number of minor purposes, but for most of my work, I find that I am suddenly using Tree ($15) where I was previously using OG5s outliner (outlines too small, clumsy and slow) or OO3 (no tree diagrams of my outline).

I have always thought it was a pity that Omni, with its strengths in both outlines and diagrams, didn't integrate or equip OO/OG well enough to support rapid thinking and reorganising in terms of trees. (There's no tree-node collapse and expand in OG5 for example, and there's no graphic view in OO).

A good, clear, highly responsive, and collapsible tree-based editing mode like Tree's Tree view would make OO4 a killer app for me.

Without it, I'll very happily stick to working like this (image in a review by Brett Terpstra):
I simply find I'm getting much more done by the end of each hour

The thing is fast and elegant, and simply works

(No more flipping back and forth between outlines and tree views, and feeling frustrated by not being able to collapse sub-trees in OG, or by the buggy outcomes of its non-orthogonal layouts lying in hiding under orthogonal links a relief ...)

To translate this into requests for OO4 and OG6 it would simply be something like:
  1. A editing view for OO4
  2. The same for OG6 ...


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