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Great article.

One thing about locations:

So, if you have an errand to get a banana split, you can easily find all ice cream shops close to you from where you happen to be at the time. Life is busy, planning to be at a specific location just isnít always reliable.
Currently, an action can only have one context or location assigned to it. Finding all ice creame shops close to you can be done with the iPhone map application or the Google application, but not with OmniFocus application. You can however, see all the locations close to you of things you have chosen to do.

A feature that wasn't mentioned was the ability to focus on a project so that you are only seeing that project. This can become extremely powerful and most applications do not offer something like this.

I like your closing paragraph about simplicity:
There is some confusion on the definition of simplicity. It does NOT mean less features so all you can do is walk a straight line, even if you donít want to.

REAL simplicity is a process that allows you to naturally walk a straight line and NOT get in the way. You are in control, you are the user, you are the boss. OmniFocus realizes this and gives this to you.