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the problem here is that Mail does not offer the possibility to create Rules for outgoing messages.

As far as I know, Mail Act-On ( adds this functionality to Mail, however I haven't tested this.

So, you'd need to install Mail Act-On and then test the following :
  • Can I create rules for outgoing messages? (Answer should be yes as this is an advertised functionality of Mail Act-On)
  • Can I define the necessary critera to identity THOSE outgoing messages I want to create a task for? (I presume you DON'T want to create a new task for ALL outgoing messages).
  • Can I fire an Applescript in the Action section? (you can for incoming messages but as mentioned above, I don't know Mail Act-On and thus have no idea as to the possibilities it offers)

If all the above is ok and you're willing to invest the 25$ for Mail Act-On then this should be possible.

Here's a link to an Applescript I wrote and use to add tasks from Mail to OmniFocus
You'll however need to modify this script slightly to make it Mail Rule compatible. Feel free to ask if you need help with this last part.