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Currently, you can add photos and voice recordings to an action on the iPad. We also have a feature request open on the ability to pick attachments from an online location (like Dropbox or iDisk).

While OmniFocus can't sync with Google Calendar, there is another way it can interact with iCal:

If you're synching OmniFocus through a MobileMe account or WebDAV server, you can use the calendar subscription feature to publish iCal events from OmniFocus. Each time you sync OmniFocus, any upcoming due events will be published to an .ics calendar file stored on your sync server, which your iPad's iCal can subscribe to.

If you're not currently synching via MobileMe or WebDAV, you can sign up for our free server at Once you've set up your account, follow the instructions in the welcome email to set up syncing.

In the Settings screen for OmniFocus, tap into the Sounds and Alerts>Calendar Alarms screen, set the desired alarm time and tap "Synchronize Now", then tap "Subscribe in Calendar". From there, iCal should show your upcoming due actions in OmniFocus as calendar events.

Don't hesitate to email us at if you have any other questions!