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You can read what Omni's CEO had to say about the matter about two months ago here:

There's been a fair amount of work done behind the scenes over the last year or two to allow linking up OmniPlan and OmniFocus. Build a project plan in OmniPlan, farm out individual tasks to the OmniFocus databases of the people working on the project, have the plan update as they tick off their tasks in OmniFocus. You won't have any more luck getting a detailed progress report or schedule on that work until they are getting ready to beta test, I'm sure. They seem to be pretty busy trying to knock off the projects they've already put some rough dates to! See the iPad or Bust! posts on the blog...and note that despite undoubtedly well-intentioned efforts, few of the predicted dates turned out to be accurate. My experience is that using the software released when the developer thinks it is ready is usually a more pleasant experience than using the software released when the calendar reads a date committed to long before the work was finished!