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OmniFocus doesn't know how to resolve conflicts either! It just throws away all but the last change in the case of a conflict, so you most certainly can lose data if you change the same item in two different ways on two different devices, then sync them both. This usually isn't an issue, but it can be in cases where you make a change on a device that can't sync (maybe it is out of network range, or the app gets killed to reclaim memory before syncing takes place) and then make another change to that same action on another device. The first change will be silently discarded. That would be unfortunate if the first change was taking a picture of the completed work, and the second change was marking it complete. After the sync, the picture is gone! It isn't so much conflict resolution as conflict removal :)

I haven't managed to lose any data with Dropbox sync, though I've certainly managed to get it to throw up its hands and make me fix the conflict. I try to avoid doing so, however, so the fact that I haven't had any data loss is inconclusive. Are you sure you've actually lost the data?

The sync mechanism in OmniFocus is built for syncing OmniFocus databases, and you can't use it to sync arbitrary files as is. It relies on the notion that OmniFocus databases are large collections of objects where relatively few objects change at once. Using it to sync drafts of a term paper would require splitting the text into a collection of objects, and those objects would probably not be neatly packaged in the way the OmniFocus actions, projects, etc. are. You'd need some software that did the packaging and unpackaging, ran the sync, kept track of which files you were syncing, and it would need to be written for every platform on which you wished to sync. Probably looks a lot like the Dropbox app when you're done!