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In principle there should be no such limitations, and the very useful Copy As Applescript function should give an idea of the right syntax (subject to the perennial bug that Copy As Applescript generates code which doesn't in fact run, because it gets the "Tell Application" line wrong, at least for OG professional).

tell application id "OGfl"
	tell canvas of front window
		make new shape at end of graphics with properties {corner radius:5, fill:linear fill, draws stroke:false, autosizing:clip, size:{90.0, 90.0}, text:{{text:"This text is ", alignment:center}, {text:"partially", alignment:center, font:"Helvetica-Bold"}, {text:" bolded", alignment:center}}, origin:{358.0, 223.000002}, gradient color:{0.666667, 0.177494, 0.193412}, magnets:{{0, 1}, {0, -1}}, vertical padding:0, fill color:{1.0, 0.610458, 0.121713}}
	end tell
end tell
There used to be a bug in scripted changes to text properties which required a forced refresh (by nudging zoom level) before you could see the results, but my impression was that that has now been addressed.


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