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I read two articles that I found helpful regarding brainstorming a project, and another that recommends not doing the brainstorming within OF:

The author recommends that we keep project planning out of OF, which I think is an excellent & practical suggestion that helps 1) keep OF free of junk tasks/projects you haven't yet committed to and 2) helps keep the mental weight of using OF down, since you would know that any tasks you have in OF are ones you have decided to commit to (which may change upon review sessions).

The second article is by OG evangelist MacSparky who recommends we brainstorm with OmniOutliner or iThoughts HD (a mindmapping app) and make use of the versatile OPML file format.

I find those articles to be helpful since I use mindmapping with iThoughts HD when I want to have a free flow of ideas. For more structured & linear brainstorming, I tend to put my ideas down in outline form. So since both of these apps support OPML, OF can tie in better with OO by being able to import OPML files as a project.

So if we could complete MacSparky's workflow: 1) creatively brainstorm with mindmaps, 2) export the file into OO 3) sweat the details using OO & create actionable tasks 3) then export the final version of our brainstorming into OF as a project that specifies a list of tasks to execute. Can we add OPML import as a feature?