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OmniOutliner 4 has significant architecture updates and we feel it is a major improvement over OmniOutliner 3. The drawing architecture now supports text zooming, which is by far the most popular feature request. It also support hidden columns as you already mentioned. The inspectors have been redesigned to be much more accessible including some tweaking to attributes like row spacing. The drawer has been converted to a much more modern sidebar so it can now be visible in full screen mode. URLs are now treated like hyperlinks instead of attachments. Attachments no longer appear in capsules and images can be individually set to either display inline or appear as an icon. Printing is much more friendly and you no longer need to worry about it scaling down your text. Managing your styles is hopefully easier now; it's been brought up to parity with how styles work in the iPad app. Much of the UI in general has been given a facelift and the OS X auto-complete feature is now useable.

We think this release sets a good basis for future development, and we're glad to finally be shipping OmniOutliner from an up-to-date foundation. We hope you'll like what you see in this upgrade—if not, there's no harm in waiting!