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It's bloody bullshit is what it is. Sorry but I am offended right now that I have spent $40 equivalent, plus $60 equivalent, plus $120 equivalent when it could have been $30, $45 and $90 or whatever discount you could have offered. I have paid a huge (for me) sum of money to OmniGroup over the years, helped them with their beta-testing, proselytised their apps and the company at every opportunity and you are trying to tell me that I would have been offended if you had offered me a time-limited discount? WTF, that is completely insane and frankly insulting.
Holy jesus... are you doing those things because your a patron saint or because omnifocus is a life saver. You (I, we, us) benefit from it every single day. Tremendously.

How many minutes have you saved this month alone thanks to a piece of software? In fact, it's not thanks to the app, it is thanks to the deep amount of thought and effort that has clearly gone into it.

And for everyone saying I don't have to upgrade. That is a lie. I may not need to upgrade right now, but I have to upgrade at some point - I absolutely depend on these apps for my work.
If you step back from this comment, it is all the more reason that whatever price point they've set, is in fact a perfectly reasonable and fair price point.