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Hm, I'm paying 27$ for real time traffic integration with my navigation app. Per year. In-app premium.

When I look at other apps, maybe the OmniGroup should consider another model:

- OmniFocus for iPhone for free ($2,99)
- basic version with free projects

in-app premium options:
- $9,99 OmniSync-Server integration per year
- $2,99 for contexts
- $2,99 location based contexts
- $2,99 Siri integration
- $1,99 calendar integration

Just joking here. I'll take the 'OmniOption' everytime instead and pay $19,99 each 2- or 3- or 5-year interval and benefit from all the features they supply with the app and with their free updates for years.

I can understand the feelings of some users, who have very recently purchased v1. I would also not be happy about it, but being an OmniGroup customer (using Focus, Graffle, Outliner) for some years, I know, that it will pay back in time and this rather sooner than later. At least for me it has. Not only so with OmniFocus almost instantly and multiple times over the years: I was thinking about purchasing OmniOutliner3 for Mac and then Ken came around and said, everyone buying OO3 now will get a free update to v4. This was May 2011 and instantly I bought my license then. When in some years to come I will have to pay for OmniOutliner5 (2016?, 2017?), man, I'll surely feel totally ripped-off.