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And for people saying that OmniFocus isn't worth the $20 to me. Of course it is, but I have already paid that. That is the whole point. I have already paid $20. I am not getting an entirely new app with version 2, I am getting a point upgrade to the one I already have. It doesn't have twice the features. It doesn't have twice the functionality. It didn't have to be twice the cost to me and everyone else who already owns it.
And when you buy a new car are you getting twice the car vs. the one you have, or is it in essence a point upgrade? There are new features, a new design, but for the most part it serves the same purpose as your current car, getting you from point A to point B.

The example doesn't quite work because you can sell your current car or trade it in which isn't true in the software space. I personally feel that The Omni Group has considered that in their pricing however and that $20 is a very reasonable fee for the upgrade. Yes it's the same price I originally paid, but the original release still works on IOS7. I'm not being held hostage to get this release. Rather, I can make a reasoned decision as to if it benefits me. If not, I can stay with OF1.