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I understand new features will come, however I prefer OG can put adding function features at a higher priority especially in the current pace of development. Will customer be more happy when they see project template, flag support, task duration in OF2 release? I am not sure about other users, but at least they are on my top wish list. Btw, if there is a Web interface as many have asked, I don't mind paying double of the current price.

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Lots of folks have been complaining that the user interface in OF1 for the Mac and iPhone needed work. This is a subtle change in the workflow. This is just the first of what will be many revisions that will be adding to the foundation of what OF2 2.0.1 is right now.

So OG did listen to the customers. They oversaw a UI change. Functionality will be added in over time. OF1 for iPhone has had many updates and changes over the past few years. It's not like this is all we're gonna get. More additions will be added including a major data structure change in the future.

Relax... It ain't the end of OF2 for iPhone development. It's just the beginning.