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Hi Everyone.
1. When editing a note, within an action within a project, I am finding it almost impossible to get the curser to go to where I want it to. Imagine you have a listing like below:

John -
Steve -
Caroline -
Bill -
Chris -

If (after the fact) I want to add information after each hyphen, it is almost impossible (not entirely) but very difficult to the get the curser to go to the end of each line.

I've been using the OF 1 on my iPhone for years, and had no problem until the current release. I pulled up the older OF to compare, and have zero problems with the curser.
I'd like to second that one. I didn't need the hyphens to make it happen it just sometimes refuses to put the insertion point where I want at the end of a line.

And those flagged/due circles could perhaps be a tad thinner ...

Love the rest though. Thanks Omni.