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We originally had a priority field and we removed it. There is always the possibility that it'll come back later, but not for 1.0.

OmniFocus' mantra has been that we need to help people get stuff done. Fiddling settings doesn't get stuff done (styling & tagging, I'm looking at you too!) Still, right now we have a bunch of ways to indicate relative priority:

- Due dates; if something bad will happen if it isn't done by then
- Flags; in the morning, flag the stuff you want to get done that day, then do it via a 'Flagged' perspective.
- Ordering in the project sidebar; put higher priority projects up top, order context view by project and complete your actions in order.

Merlin has an excellent post on 43folders about priorities.

I've flip-flopped on priority before, but for now I'm more into flagging the occasional item and then getting to work checking stuff off.
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