Thread: Bugs in 1.0?
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Yes, but at the end of the day when all those people buy it if they start finding all the bugs how likely are they going to be to recommend it to others or to purchase upgrades. I really hope they release 1.0.1 quickly and quash a bunch of these bugs but since they have publicly stated that they already have plans for at least two minor revisions 1.0.1 and 1.0.2 it seems pretty obvious that even some of the more obvious bugs won't be fixed for a while.
All the bugs? I haven't found OmniFocus to be particularly buggy, and I use it a lot. Sure, there are a few niggling issues, but overall it's a pretty solid 1.0 release (as good or better than most 1.0 releases). Also, be careful to separate fixes from enhancements. A desired new feature is not a bug.

I would (and have) whole-heartedly recommended OmniFocus to others.