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All the bugs? I haven't found OmniFocus to be particularly buggy, and I use it a lot. Sure, there are a few niggling issues, but overall it's a pretty solid 1.0 release (as good or better than most 1.0 releases). Also, be careful to separate fixes from enhancements. A desired new feature is not a bug.

I would (and have) whole-heartedly recommended OmniFocus to others.
I am a software developer so I am careful and know that I am talking about bugs. Also, is the bar so low that we expect bugs in a 1.0 release? What are alpha and beta releases for if not to get rid of these things before releasing into production? I know that you can't get it perfect on the first try but when I developed software if a bug were found that was affecting the use of the application we didn't add it to a list of bugs and plan to release all the fixes at once. We fixed it, tested the fix, and deployed it. This idea that they have all of these bug fix releases planned tells me they know about a bunch of bugs and are taking a good amount of time to fix them. Once people invest money in your product I think they deserve fast service. How about a reply from support within 24 hours at least?

Know bugs acknowledged by Omni in the forums:

I've only been using it for a few days and have found the following:

1) Checking the Show Soon and Overdue actions in the menu bar and Dock would not work. Then all of a sudden the next day they started working.
2) Even though you tell it to sort things by due date they don't sort. I currently have items sorted by due date and OmniFocus has them ordered like this: 2/29, 2/21, 2/26. How in the heck can you get organized if you have items that are due today displayed below items that are due next week?

I'm sorry but things like this that make you waste your time trying to figure out why they don't work is ridiculous, especially from a piece of software whose main function is to help you save time and get things done!!!