Thread: Bugs in 1.0?
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That's a good suggestion, something Omni should seriously consider implementing. But it's not a bug.

As it is, I believe the feature is working as intended: sort by project in Planning Mode and by action in Context Mode. You may or may not agree with that design decision, but that's what was intended and I'm pretty sure that's what we got. Am I wrong?
I always love the "working as intended" line. If I code something to specs and it doesn't make any sense for it to work that way then yes, it is not a bug. But if it doesn't make sense for it to work that way it should have been caught during the planning process of the application. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe only Dogsbreath and I have an issue with this. But it seems absolutely illogical that I would want to sort projects by due date and NOT have the actions inside of those projects ALSO sorted by due date.