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Sorry to be a Negative Nancy, but the icons are shoddy (what the heck is the deal with that site prefs icon??) and, far more importantly, the update is disappointing. OW still looks and behaves like a Tiger app, and has a bunch of annoying bugs that have been lingering for ages. I've never seen a browser go from first to worst so quickly.

It may be time to stop waiting for OW to get better, swallow the loss on the license, and move on.

I'm not so sure I agree with the "worst" part, but if you're not satisfied, yes, by all means it may be time to move on. After reading MacWorld's review of Firefox3 beta4, I checked it out and must say they've made some impressive improvements. Will it replace OW as my default browser? Probably not. Nothing matches site preferences and zoomed text editing for my needs. That being said, I wouldn't mind seeing some innovations in future releases of OW.