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They both just loaded fine for me. Are you using Tiger or Leopard? Have you tried starting OmniWeb without your workspace, or in a freshly created user? It definitely seems like there must be something in your environment that is at least a contributing factor here, perhaps we can narrow it down...
Well, this morning around 8:00 am I was unable to load those sites in OW 5.7 or 5.8 SneakyPeak, either in WorkSpace mode or as an independent browser window.

I went out and picked 6 quarts of blueberries and 5 pints of raspberries with my wife, came back and made a cup of coffee, and now the sites load fine in both 5.7 and 5.8, in WorkSpace mode and an independent browser.

I literally did nothing to change my environment (unless you count the bug bites while picking - looking forward to blueberry cobbler in February when the Maine winter is in full swing).

I have no idea what changed.