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Finally that works also on my OmniFocus-Implementation. Now I would like to pull up the Popup with a keystroke. Can anybody tell me how to do that.
Instead of a hot-key trigger, you can put scripts in the OmniFocus toolbar. That would put you one click away from the script. (This is what I have set up.) To do that, rename your script file to something short, like "∑Time" (that's the math symbol for sum, btw), then copy the script file to the HD/Library/Scripts/Applications/OmniFocus/ folder. If the folder doesn't exist yet, I think you can just create it. Then go to OmniFocus and right click (or control click) on the toolbar, and choose "Customize Toolbar". Find the icon that says "Script: ∑Time" and drag it to the toolbar. Click Done. Now, you should be able to select actions and get the pop up with one click.

If you REALLY want to use a hot key trigger: first, open the script in Script Editor, choose Save As and choose File Format: Application, check Run Only, and uncheck Startup Screen. Unless I'm missing something, you'll also need a program that allows you to set F-Keys or keystrokes for items. I use DragThing for its versatile docks and the keyboard shortcuts. Any item that is in a dock can have an attached keyboard shortcut (these can be just about anything you want, such as f-keys, cmd-opt-shift-t). There are free solutions as well, which you can find on macupdate or versiontracker.

Running the script from your OmniFocus toolbar is a more elegant solution. It's also faster; running the script as an application takes a lot longer than running it as a simple script.

Hope that helps!

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